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Meet your coaches


Head Coach


Alec Pagan is a multifaceted strength sports coach with over 14 years of coaching experience.  He has trained world class strength athletes ranging from Strongman to Olympic Weightlifting with his rapidly growing team, RPE 11. 

While a strength competitor in his own right, Alec is also highly trained in exercise science and journalism.  This combination of skills and experience gives him an effective and unique outlook when it comes to breaking down the dynamics of strength sports & coaching. In addition to coaching his athletes, Alec is a strength sport correspondent for Barbend, writing articles and making videos on all things strength. 

Alec's training motto is "How you feel is a lie." An encouragement to not allow negative stimulus to impact your physical goals, and to rise above perceived expectations of ones self.

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Team Coach

Erin Murray

2021 World's Strongest Woman u73kg

BS Exercise Science

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Pain-Free Performance Specialist


Erin has been strength coaching since 2017 and enjoys working with people at any step in their fitness journey – whether you’ve never walked into a gym before or are training for competition. She is especially passionate about getting people into strongman for the first time. Beyond the purely physical, she enjoys helping people reframe their relationship with their bodies.

Erin has also been lifting competitively for about a decade now, competing in strongman exclusively for the past 7 years. She joined the ranks as a professional middleweight strongwoman after winning nationals in 2019, and in 2021 earned the title of World's Strongest Woman u73kg.


"Our bodies are capable of truly amazing things, and everyone deserves to experience that in some capacity." Our entire approach to fitness changes when we start appreciating our bodies for what they can do instead of what they look like. and she feels very lucky to be in a position to help others find their inner badass and feel empowered through movement.

Team Coach, Nutrition

spencer king

Equipped with his hunger for knowledge and passion for fitness, Spencer has helped countless athletes maximize their goals in the last five years. For instance, his most notable powerlifter was able to go from competing in his first meet to being nationally ranked, in less than a year's time. He comes from a background of bodybuilding and has used it to his advantage to coach athletes of various sports.

Spencer individualizes his plans to fit each athlete’s lifestyle, challenges, needs, and goals. Not only will he provide you with all the tools to reach peak performance, he will be there for you every step of the way. 


An athlete of Spencer's once said, “If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask him, because 99.9% of the time Spencer will have the answer, and that .1% that he doesn’t — he’ll find it.”

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